About Me

Los Angeles, CA
United States

My name is Dolores Cecilia Udave.

I'm a fine artist in search of inspiration wherever it may be, I hope to be able to paint for the rest of my life, or at least until my hands give out and I am no longer able to hold a paint brush.

As life continues to pass I hope to give the viewers that see my work a bit of courage and hopefully open their eyes to the reality that they are not alone in their slight moments of pain and sadness. I know their pain and for it I share my experiences through my work and hopefully there will be a connection with them. As I continue to create my work I keep mind the value of human emotion and the effect it has on my work.

Along with making paintings, I also share a love for making hand made dolls and string puppets, each doll different in style, size and color, if you stare close enough at these dolls you can start to see the different persona each doll takes on.